Wednesday, July 29, 2015

UP #5326 (Ex-DRGW SD45) UP Patch Job

I recently purchased a Walthers Proto 2000 SD45 diesel locomotive decorated for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad.  I intend to run this unit on my NWP "Redwood Empire Route" model railroad.  Today, I used Microscale Decals set #MC-4328 (Union Pacific Renumbered EX-SP C&NW D&RGW Diesels 2000+) to patch this DRGW unit.

Left side patch decals applied

I kept the same road number (#5326)for the unit, so that I would not have to worry about changing out the number boards that were already applied at the factory.

Right side patch decals being applied

This patched unit will run number two in a consist with a Kato UP C44-9W unit I already have acquired.  This will be one of several Union Pacific through trains that utilizes trackage rights over the NWP railroad in my version of history.

All patch decals applied (UP shield on nose)
Rear of unit (UP patch under number boards)
I am very pleased at how well this project turned out.  It was fairly easy to do and took about an hour or so to complete.  My next decaling project will be to apply UP patch decals to a Kato SP C44-9W.  I will be using decals from the same Microscale Decals set that I used on this DRGW unit.  Decal set #MC-4328 has enough decals to do four locomotive patch jobs.

MOW Vehicle Fleet is Completed

Today, I added all of the decals to my fleet of MOW vehicles that will serve my NWP model railroad.  I have a total of four MOW vehicles that I have decaled for the NWP.  I applied the NWP herald on each door of the vehicles and placed unit numbers on each vehicle as well.  I have two trucks from Trident Miniatures, one SUV from Atlas and one DCC equipped Hi-Rail Maintenance Truck from Bachmann.

Friday, June 5, 2015

NWP Maintenance of Way Vehicles

This week, I spent time working on two of the maintenance of way vehicles that will serve my Northwestern Pacific model railroad.  I purchased an HO scale Ford F-350 Crew Cab Pick-up from Trident Miniatures (Part #90078) and a 1993 Ford Explorer from Atlas (Part #30 000 072).  Both of these vehicles were painted white and came undecorated.

The Ford F-350 came with additional detail parts that I had to apply on my own.  It also came with a detailed interior.  Because of this, I felt that placing a figure seated inside would be a nice touch.  I found an HO scale figure that was in a sitting position.  I repainted the figure so he was wearing blue jeans, an orange safety-type jacket and a yellow hardhat.  I did have to cut off the legs at the figure's knees so that I could get him into the driver seat and underneath the steering wheel.  I also had to file down a small portion of the top of the figure's head so that everything would fit properly.  Another detail I added to the F-350 was a simulated amber flasher on the cab roof.

The Ford Explorer comes assembled in the package.  The exterior details of the vehicle are painted as well.  It even comes with a simulated amber flasher on the roof as well.

The final touch that I added to both vehicles were the NWP railroad herald on both front doors.  I used the older set of decals from Microscale "Northwestern Pacific Diesels (1996 - 1998).  I specifically went with the N Scale set (Part #60-4188) because I felt the HO scale decals would be too large for the vehicle doors.

Be aware that this decal set is no longer available from Microscale.  They have recently re-done their decals for the Northwestern Pacific Railroad so #60-4188 is no longer available from Microscale directly.  However, I purchased three sets on e-Bay for a relatively good price.  There are probably some hobby shops out there on the internet as well that may still be selling this decal set.

The third set of decals is already reserved for when I get a Bachmann HI Rail Equipment Truck with Crane.  Of course I will be ordering the all white undecorated version so that I can put the decals on the vehicle doors just like I did for the two Ford vehicles described in this post.

Hey, Father's Day is coming! My wife should be asking me for a wish list pretty soon.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Progress Continues on NWP #5305

Surprise - I have started to work on NWP #5305 once again!  This morning, I added some super detail parts to the front of the chop-nose SD9.  I added the ditch light housing fixtures and MU hoses (3-cluster set) to the front of the pilot.  I also drilled two holes in the nose for the classification lights.  Finally, I glued the base of the "Western Cullen" rotary beacon to the roof of the cab.  I will be painting these features soon and then I will add the handrails and the red base stripe to the unit.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Number Boards for #5305

Well, progress continues on NWP SD9 #5305. Today, I put the number boards on #5305. I used a system I recently learned about from an internet site. This system was created by John Sing.

Easy N Scale Locomotive Number Boards

Basically, I made a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet where I typed in "5305" seveal times in three different font sizes (#6 / #7 / #8). I used Century Font as this font resembles the Southern Pacific (NWP) number lettering style. I blacked out the background of the cells using "black" and changed the font color to "white." I then printed the spreadsheet on printing lable sheets from Avery. I went out to the garage where I have been working on my HO scale model of #5305. I took the clear plastic number boards and compared them to the three font sizes I printed out. Of the three, Font Size #7 appeared to work the best. I carefuly cut the number boards from the sheet using an Xacto knife. I then peeled the baking tape off the rear of the label and then stuck the number board to the clear plastic.

I was very surprised how easy this method of doing number boards was. I do not like having to paint the clear plastic and then using decals, especially on locomotivs that require individual numbers to be placed on one at a time. The Microscale NWP deal set allows you to place all four numbrs on at the same time, but this system appeared to go a lot quicker.

Surprisingly, the shipping label system still allows light to shine through the number boards. This is a plus because I plan to have operational directional lighting on my SD-9's. I will most likely continue to use this method for the number boards on my other NWP Athearn blue box SD-9 kits.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

NWP SD9 #4327 Goes to the Shops

As progress continues on NWP SD9 #5305, I have begun work on NWP SD9 #4327. Once again, I am using an older Atearn blue box kit as he basis for this model. I recently applied several white-metal detail parts from Detail Associates and Details West. SD9's #5305 and #4327 are only two of four SD9's that I intened to model for my HO scale "Redwood Empire Route" model railroad I am building in my garage. I have aleady posted some photographs of how #5305 is turning out. Here I have included some photographs on the beginning stages of #4327. The next thing to do on #4327 is to paint it and apply the Microscale NWP decal set.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Progress on NWP #5305 (Chop-Nose SD9)

Well, after a long break from working on this model railroad, I recenty became motivated in working on it again. I have been working on some older blue box Athearn SD9 locomotive kits. Last weekend, I painted my NWP #5305 black. This week, I have been applying the deals from Miroscale's NWP decal set. Here are some pictures of my progress.